Everything else!

This is a catch-all section. You’ll find items that fall into a number of categories, most are jobs that were just too interesting to pass up!


You can see out……
But you can’t see in! One-way window graphics for a local sports center. Quick and easy advertising that can be changed out as often as you want!
One of those time consuming but simple jobs… some 65 individual aluminum plates with digital prints and pre-punched holes to go on….
65 barricades! We got a workout that day moving each of those!!


Under the “stuff we love to do” section… pre-fabricated monument signs. These signs are impact-proof (for the most part), sturdy, weatherproof and easy to install. This one has a set of aluminum composite panels painted the same as the background (to blend in, of course) affixed to the sign’s surface.


One of our pride and joys. Hugely proud to have served the County of Chester in providing their cornerstone markers for the Justice Center in the middle of West Chester, PA. This is also a prefabricated monument sign, with custom milled (dimensional) county seal and real bronze letters!


Close up
Seal detail. Milled 1″ solid aluminum billet, all hand painted and clear coated.


The other part of the job – a beautiful cast bronze plaque. This sucker weighed in at about 110 pounds.. took 3 men to get it set just right!


A couple more bronze plaques, this one in the Tactical Village in the training center that the monument sign designated above!
Actually three bronze inserts here. For a 9/11 memorial at the Downingtown Fire Company, sitting in front of a piece of World Trade Center steel. One insert on the top, one on either side. The bronze was provided to the granite company who set them into the stone. Very elegant!


Small, but important. White vinyl on the reverse side of a piece of 1/2″ acrylic, which is then standing off a piece of 1/8″ aluminum with a print of the WTC carnage, all welded to a aluminum pole and support brace on the bottom. The sign stands in front of a piece of WTC steel located in the Chester County Public Service Training building lobby.


A project six months in the making. Three carved and stained solid cherry plaques, measuring a whopping 65″ × 32″ × 1″ thick. Plaques are supported off the wall by aluminum stand-offs to clear the moldings. A high profile job for Chester County Court and we were happy to help!


Something we normally don’t get into – electric monument signage. Or anything electric, really. Just not our forte’. But we worked with this management company on a previous storage facility (see the carved sign page) and they wanted us to build a very basic box for their client. Quite simple – 4′ x 7′ x 12″ deep, internally illuminated with high efficiency LED modules. Everything clean and simple – and more important, the client loved it!