Vehicle Graphics

Lettering your vehicle is the single most dollar for dollar best advertising there is. No other medium exposes to an audience that is captured for minutes at a time. In recent years our focus has shifted from the day to day contractor vehicles and to our law enforcement, fire and rescue apparatus. Many of our departments rely on us to not only design and install, but to make their fleet uniform as vehicles are rotated out of service. We rely on the most dependable techniques and materials of the trade, from the basic vinyl lettering all the way to gold leaf on our fire apparatus. Ask us how we can keep your fleet looking great with our award winning designs!


The “sorta” ghost graphic look. Traditionally, ghost graphics utilize a reflective color that matches or is very close to the base color of the vehicle. In this instance, the customer liked the dark grey we used in the preliminary renders used for approvals and wanted that as a reflective.. Grey is extremely difficult to print, doubly so on reflective material, but we found a way!
Same vehicle, with a flash!
True ghost graphics – black on black

And with a flash from the camera…. surprise!

Something a little bit unique that we developed here – printed “gold leaf”. A digital print to replicate gilded lettering, we can manipulate the image to add shadows, colors, just about anything in between. In this case, everything you see is reflective – including the pinstripe down the side.

A little more low-key. A somewhat monochromatic color scheme, with the lettering and the patch printed on reflective.

Fling Towing’s big boy….
A very large project from a few years ago. Utility truck and trailer, everything reflective!