Carved & Sandblasted signage

Carved and sandblasted is exactly as it sounds, though we don’t typically sandblast anymore. As with the times, technology changes, and with that production techniques. Now we can add a textured background to just about anything via the power of a CNC router. Real wood signs are becoming a thing of the past (and for good reason – cost!), and the materials that are available now – once painted – can mimic the look of real wood and provide a life span that traditionally created wood signs could only dream of. In most cases, our finishing of the sign consists of automotive quality paints and clear coats, along with gold, aluminum or composite leaf!


Custom carving installed on the wall – channel letters being set up next on the roof line!


A full 60″ high dimensional sign, carved and assembled from a few pieces (carving size limited by table size), and painted with automotive quality paints. The entire thing is high density urethane foam, coated with an epoxy to keep the elements at bay.
The main sign for the site – after landscaping! This sign is huge – 5′ wide and 10′ high panels. All supported by aluminum poles and trusses and cast decorative trim. The logo portion of this sign is dimensionally carved like the building logo; the copy and borders are V-carved.. all painted with that great urethane finish!


The smaller sign panel logos in the process of being milled. It took about 20 hours to complete all the millwork on that sign!
Here’s a prime example of a “pseudo” sandblasted sign. This is completely milled from 1″ thick pvc with an internal aluminum support frame. Very heavy, but this sign should outlast the rocks that surround it!
One more for the Chester County Parks – a 48″ roundel with V-carved copy and a digital print in the center. All finished in urethane paints, then clear coated for long life.
Cool project for a client a while back. A small sign, about 36″ tall, but featuring a dimensional horse applied to the surface. All done in house here.. then painted and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.
This sign was done more than 10 years ago, and it still looks as good today as it did when it was first created. High density urethane board, V-carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. Frame was existing… we built to fit the frame!
Header panel for our local FD. Actually two separate panels attached to either side of support poles. Like the others, these are urethane paints, clear coated and gilded with 23kt gold.
Detail on the FD sign.

Every day is a beach day with a custom milled sign for your home at the beach!

Another from a “3D” image file – a full 2′ in height! Covered with chrome paint and detailed with variegated gold leaf.

An incredibly detailed and relatively difficult job to put together for Valley Township. A full 72″ dimensional carved seal for their meeting room. 3″ thick layered 15# high density urethane, covered with a 2 part acrylic “paint” that is, in reality, suspended metal particles, to create a buffable bronze finish! Highlights were applied in a brass/copper mixture of the same style paint, then clear coated with a flat finish.