Back to basics Vinyl lettering / graphics

Not too much to say here – your bare bones basic vinyl lettering which can encompass everything from window lettering to basic real estate marketing signs. It’s a very broad category! But here you’ll find more to the “budget minded” consumer…

Wayfinding signs for Hibernia County Park in Coatesville. Very basic white vinyl lettering on painted aluminum composite backers.
More wayfinding in Hibernia. Post is a 6″ square aluminum tube with .080 aluminum flag signs, all marked with simple high performance white vinyl lettering. Clean, effective!
Sled style marketing sign for a repeat customer. I put this under the ‘basics’ category because.. basically, it is! The entire face is digitally printed, replacing traditional individually applied vinyl letters. It is, however, meant to be temporary, so the film used is a little less expensive than we would use on permanent signage.
We are extremely proud to serve as a vendor for Chester County and their parks program. Here, a simple single sided all aluminum panel supported by aluminum poles gets decorated by a digitally printed emblem and simple white high performance graphics.


This sign, created for the department to mimic their apparatus layout, was installed on a framework provided by the department. The department created the frame and installed the changeable letter panel, while we provided the upper portion, complete with a custom mixed paint to match one of their engines and RealGold gold and silver leaf – the same stuff we use on their apparatus!