Future tech – lasers!

Over the years, business plans change and adapt to their environments. With physical age comes limitations, and we’ve all but pulled out of the sign building and installing end of the business. While there are times we miss that aspect, we don’t miss digging the holes and dealing with bureaucratic permitting. We’ve shifted our focus a bit to maintaining our graphics end of the business, servicing our first responder friends and departments. Along with that shift, we did have to find another outlet that will hopefully fill some of the void left by the sign side, and that’s investing in a fiber laser. That style laser enables us to mark metals pretty efficiently and sometimes, depending on the metal, with some color!  

These style lasers excel at metal marking, but not so much on natural materials and some plastics, though those can pushed sometimes. Pleather is a favorite to mark – some really nice embossed looks can be made!

Embossing a PU leather RFID wallet

We’ve been doing a number of different projects getting to know the process(es) needed to mark various metals; some of projects are actual stampings akin to a coin, trying various techniques. We’ve also been very successful in providing NLA number plates for the antique kit car community – a process that can certainly be copied to lock-out tags, equipment tags, accountability tags – just about anything you would need a permanent mark for!

Of course, some really nice effects can be had for custom business cards – a great sales tool!

But enough with the videos – here are some other projects we’ve finished in the past few months: